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Tsunami Messaging Project

Note: if you are just landing on this page for the first time, you will find the background explanation, linked here helpful in understanding what this project intends to do and is about.

Agenda for the Tsunami Messaging Project Re-Launch meeting

1. Welcome by P.I.s: Rocky Lopes, NWS-HQ Tsunami Program and Sue Perry, USGS

2. Brief orientation on what this dynamic project is about.

3. Not a rehash or “rewordsmithingtodeath”.

4. Further validation of target audience, users, and intended outcome/product.

5. Demonstration of where messages that were reviewed in the 2014 project and where there is general consensus have been put into practice.

6. Form plan of future action

  a.  Which messages to discuss based on new science or new information
  b.  which messages have not yet been vetted through this process
  c.  Linkages to grounding information, social science, or technical foundation
  d.  Review by external communications professionals

7. Schedule of future meetings

8. Adjourn: 1 hour

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