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Tsunami Messaging Project

Consensus Message Outputs

This page is where the consolidated consensus of messages are collected and published. Note: these messages may still be edited and therefore are not to be considered final until later in this project where the Coordinating Committee of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program has approved and these messages are migrated to the NTHMP website for permanent reference.

What is a Tsunami?

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Message Readability*
A tsunami is a series of waves. These waves can cause dangerous surges of water. The surges can last for minutes, hours, or days. Avg. 5th
A tsunami is a series of waves that can cause dangerous surges of water along shorelines. These surges can last minutes, hours, or even days. Avg. 9th
A tsunami is a series of waves that can generate surges of water along shorelines causing dangerous inundations that can last minutes, hours or even days. Avg. 15

Causes of a tsunami

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Message Readability*
A tsunami is usually caused by an earthquake beneath the sea floor. Avg. 11
A tsunami is started by a sudden displacement of ocean water, usually by an earthquake. Avg. 14
A tsunami is generated by sudden displacements in the sea floor, landslides, or volcanic activity in the deep ocean. Avg. 18
Tsunamis are generated by any large, impulsive displacement of the sea level. Avg. 18

* The measure of readability used here is the indication of number of years of education that a person needs to be able to understand the text easily on the first reading as determined by using this on-line readability calculator.

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